Saturday, September 30, 2006

What the heck is this Nobel Prize winner doing in a shady Infomercial?

Anyone else who's seen this please tell me I'm not crazy...

I happened to be up watching TV early this morning and to my great surprise I saw the recent winner of the Nobel Prize in Medicine, Barry Marshall hawking the dubious "World's Greatest Treasury of Health Secrets" in an infomercial. For only $39.95, of course (cue Dr. Nick voice). Click on the link and read the reviews to get a taste of this book's credibility.

If this was the real Dr. Marhsall and not someone pretending to be him, can we declare hell officially frozen over? Oh yeah, and Hugh Downs was the interviewer.

Scavengers. And I don't want to be their prey. I was interested in the book however, and called to order it, but quickly cancelled my order after the operator told me about the "latest" 500-page book in addition to the original 500-page book and two free gift books. The latest is only an additional $19.95. When I asked why not combine the "latest" info into the book I was ordering (the one which I was led to believe had the "latest" secrets), she said they publish new versions every 6 - 8 months. 500 new pages of information? She said if I couldn't find a cure in the original, they were sure I could find it in this additional one. I decided not to try either. I'm so glad I didn't fall for this one, but I almost did, and I hope others don't.
Wow, I just checked their website, and Dr. Bernie Siegel has a Live Video endorsement of the book.

I value his work.
My instinct is this company misrepresented itself when it got all these prominent researchers to sign on, but who knows. The infomercial is becoming more mainstream, but I find it hard to believe that a Nobel Prize winner would willingly sign up for such a scam.
I just saw the infomercial this morning. I almost bought the book but decided to do a little research first. I'm really glad I did. I can't imagine that all those doctors endorsed that book. Do you suppose they had any idea what a sleazy frontman would be "introducing" them and using their good names? I felt really sorry for Hugh Downs when he actually acted interested and almost like he believed that snake oil salesman...
If the company ask you to order in the next 30 minutes to get the best price, you are being had bad bad bad. Why-are we awaiting a nuclear attack ? Shame on you Hugh Downs.
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